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Building targeted, lateral-thinking strategies to leverage current assets into long-term success.


Using industry contacts and experience to find the shows that will not only grow your audience, but also further your career.


We'll get you where you need to be, when you need to be there. Our tour managers have experience throughout the country, and internationally.


Whether it's Front of House, Monitors, Lighting Design, or Building Audio systems, our engineers have the contacts and experience to get it done right.

How it works

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  • Client Interview
  • Delineate Goals
  • Analyze Current Assets
  • Discuss Strategies


  • Build a Profit Model
  • Build a Budget
  • Examine Travel/Lodging Options
  • Finalize a Profit & Loss sheet


  • Lock in logistical plan
  • Oversee PR execution
  • Advance all shows
  • Tour, tour, tour!

Commissions and Costs

Financial transparency, for a company you can trust to put the artists first.

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